About Kayaking (continued)

The durable plastic boats of the 1980’s are still around today and some hold monetary value for the pure kayak enthusiast.

Some of them are bought for beginner kayakers while others are proudly displayed in kayaking outfitter stores.

With plastic kayaks, the kayakers began to explore and push their limits on the water even more.

Attacking the ocean wave, whitewater rivers and even waterfalls, kayaking became an extreme sports shortly after the plastic molded and durable kayaks were created. Read More “About Kayaking (continued)”

A little about Kayaking

Because I love kayaking I thought I would throw in some Kayaking information in this site and not just stick to 100% backpacking stuffs.

I started my outdoor adventure career with backpacking so I certainly love it, but when you can throw a kayak in the water and in essence “backpack” and boat, I believe it is the best of both worlds.

So let’s start with the basics and I will just continue to make more Kayaking posts on the days that I feel I want to talk about this awesome sport.

A lot of people who look at kayakers from the shore o Read More “A little about Kayaking”