Best Hiking Spots in the US During the Winter

You shouldn’t think for a minute that you can’t enjoy hiking just because the weather has turned cold. There are many hiking trails around the US where you can breathe in that fresh air you have come to enjoy without your lungs freezing. So, don’t throw those hiking boots to the back of the closet just yet.  Here are a few places to enjoy right in your own backyard.


Petit Jean State Park (Arkansas)

With over 20 miles of scenic trails, Petit Jean State Park is the destination place for a hiking trip during the winter. This park is the oldest park in the state, situated on Petit Jean Mountain that overlooks the Arkansas River Valley.

For true hikers, the trail not to be missed is Seven Hollows. This expanding four mile loop leads you through some pretty exquisite landscape with hardwood forests and rock walls.


Grafton Notch (Maine)

If you are a fan of the Appalachians in the winter like I am, then Grafton Notch is the place for you. This winter wonderland is beautiful when it snows. For those who just love the cold, you’re in luck; there is nothing mild about the weather here.

But you don’t notice the chill because the snow turns Grafton Notch into a big and beautiful white landscape. If you decide to trek the Old Speck Trail, beware that it isn’t easy with its elevation gain, but when you get to the top, the view is well worth it.


Ozark Highlands (Mountain View, Arkansas)

Hands down, the Ozarks possess some of the best hiking trails for fall and winter months. If you prefer a little solitude with your hike, then you will like the fact that there isn’t a lot of foot traffic here. You also get the whole mountain hiking experience with lower elevations and milder temps. After a day of hiking, I like to enjoy the rest of the evening in the small community of Mountain View, unwind with some live folk music and a great meal.



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