Kayaking in a Foreign Country

Kayaking in a foreign country is a little bit different because of a few things.

For one, you generally don’t take your favorite kayak with you.

I love my kayaks.

I love them so much that it feels like I’m cheating on them if I’m not riding them down of the many PA rivers/creeks that I generally take them on.

When given a chance to go abroad to check out some other areas in the world where people kayak (MarikinaValley), You know that I couldn’t resist.

I would tell you that I told my yellow kayak that I would be back soon and you may or may not believe me…but either way it would be the truth.  Yes…I love my kayak that much.

It’s a hassle to take a kayak with you over long distances and unless you are permanently moving, I suggest renting or borrowing a boat.

Now there a couple of things to keep in mind when borrowing kayaking items.

#1 – Call and make sure they have a similar boat. Pay extra to get one like yours so you are comfortable

#2 – If you can, take your own paddle. Most airlines will let you do this, however if it is an expensive carbon fiber paddle, you are better off trusting it to stay home safe in your closet. Airlines are not the nicest when it comes to luggage and oddly shaped items.

#3 – Take your own lifevest.  I trust one lifevest.  Mine. I know where it has been and how old it is.

#4 – Take your own helmet. It’s enough that you have to get use to a new kayak and possibly a new paddle. Don’t waste your time fitting out a new helmet too.

#5 – Have your favorite chiropractor on call and ready for your return.  I have found that after a long haul on a new kayak with new gear, my body takes a bit to adjust and just as it does, my little vacation or adventure is over.

#6 – Ignore me and do whatever you want.

Just because I’m totally experienced doesn’t mean that you have to listen to a single thing I say.

I learned by doing and you should too!



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