Seneca Rocks

We recently went on a visit to Seneca Rocks.

If you’ve never seen it before, it’s an impressive jut of rock that appears to pop up out of nowhere in the middle of West Virginia Mountains.

We were on a little bit of an off task driving task and came upon Elkins, WV and this amazing place.

It seems to have it’s own culture of locals who have lived there a long time and some very regular climbing enthusiasts.

They have climbing school down here as well and you can learn top rope techniques as well as lead climbing techniques.

You can even hike up to Seneca Rocks and do free climbing in some areas.

We don’t recommend doing that unless you are more experienced than the little ants that live there though.

Climbing to the top of Seneca Rocks without a rope is just stupid.

It’s not something you do on an impromptu wild hair that you get.

I can’t tell you the countless times that I personally have been to places like Seneca Rocks and have seen search dogs and search lights going into the woods and around the areas people are suppose to be because someone got lost, forgot a flashlight, or are stuck frozen in fear because they took things too far.

The absolute worst thing that should ever happen to you at a place like Seneca Rocks is that you drop your cell phone and crack your screen.

And yes, that’s exactly what happened to me.

It worked for about 2 hours after that and then went totally blank.

You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to find a cell phone repair guy in the state capital of PA.  I mean seriously, people that repair cell phone screens seem to be hiding in the wood works.

I finally did find a guy, while visiting my parents, who gave me a new lcd and screen and I was back on my way. Relieved to find that my photos also made it too (coming soon).

Anyways, Back to Seneca Rocks.

We stayed at a quaint little hotel on top of the pizza shop right in the town there and it was pretty cool to wake up and see such an amazing geographical site as the sun came up.

People were up early and hitting the trails with all sorts of climbing gear and we stood mesmerized as they began to climb this majestic beauty.

Seneca Rocks is amazing in and of itself and there are plenty of opportunities to hike and explore this area.

WE will be back!


It’s worth the drive for any out door adventurer to see this place!  Please go!

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